Applic'etains luxury labels

Leading manufacturer of self-adhesive pewter labels worldwide

Welcome to Applic’Etains, the world leader in personalized pewter labels.
Since 2002, our teams have been designing and creating embossed labels with unrivalled know-how and mastery.

Your pewter labels can be metallized in different colours (gold, silver, pink, copper, etc.). An efficient way to enhance your products and stand out from the standards.

“An exceptional label for an exceptional product !”

Your personalized pewter label

We offer several methods of label embossing in combination with our exclusive metallization process, which allows us to offer our customers a wide range of colours.

We can add patina effects to custom pewter labels to give even more depth and interest to a gold or silver metallic element.

At Applic’Etains we have developed a unique process using digital printing, which allows us to use embossing with any combination of colors. The design possibilities are unlimited.

Luxury pewter label for Armand-de-Brignac

Sari Cake Box luxury pewter label

Easy to apply embossed labels

We use high quality tin, which is a flexible metal that adapts to complex surfaces. Our production team will produce your labels in sheets for manual application or in reels for automatic labelling machines.

With a full range of embossing capabilities, our consultants will work with you to find the embossing method that will allow you to achieve your brand vision.

Luxury labels, whatever your field

Our pewter labels sublimate your packaging whatever the world you represent (wines and spirits, food, decoration, cosmetics, candles… ) as well as a long list of other products.

We have the means to bring your vision to life and provide a label that communicates your brand while differentiating your product.

Ambassador Diplomatico - Coffret Luxe

luxury pewter label for Nicolas de Barry

More than just labels, a personalized service for high-end products.

Our in-house label design team can help you create the perfect image for your brand. Through our prototyping services, we ensure that your design – whether created by you, our team or an agency – is correctly implemented to meet engraving standards.

From the technical approach of the label to its production, we are at your side to advise you on design, cost and time decisions.

Free simulation of your tin label

Our experts carry out the 3D simulation of your project, your label will have no more secrets for you before it is even created. You will be surprised by the ultra-realism of our projections.

Ask for a free simulation today, and our design department will focus on designing the perfect label to make your product unique.

Pewter embossed label d'Ussé

“An exceptional label for an exceptional product !”