Our latest work: labels for alcoholic beverages, home fragrances and luxury gourmet products.

Applic’Etains is proud to present its latest creations, in collaboration with the most prestigious brands in the following fields: perfumery, wines and spirits, and high-end gifts and more.

House of Chard adhesive pewter label

Brand: House of Chard.
Domain: Labels for Home Fragrances
Label Type: Embossing and Patterns
Color : Silver
Material : Pewter

House of Chard is Scotland’s leading producer of candles, home sprays and luxury home fragrances. House of Chard uses only the finest ingredients to continually add a touch of luxury to its products.

For this partnership, Applic’Etains has created a high-end gold-coloured label with the coat of arms of the logo embossed. A label that reflects the superior quality of the product.

House of Chard tin labels
embossed pewter label candle


Abyssal vodka luxury personalized label

Brand: Abyssal Vodka.
Domain: Labels for wines and spirits
Label type: Embossings and motifs with patina effect
Colour: Silver
Material : Pewter

Abyssal Vodka is a century-old wine company that produces the Jerez-Xérèz-Sherry and Brandy de Jerez denominations of origin. Quality, tradition and innovation are the cornerstones of its business philosophy, which has led it to diversify its portfolio and export to 75 countries.

A label with a very original shape that matches the shape of this mythical bottle.

A manufacturing process requiring a high level of technicality and precision mastered by our teams at Applic’Etains, part of the Alliance Étiquettes group.

High-end pewter label for abyssal vodka
Abyssal vodka custom embossed pewter label


The Climbing Goat gourmet products label

Brand: The Climbing Goat Roastery
Area: Labels for luxury gourmet products
Label type: Patterned embossing with patina effect
Colour: Gold matt
Material : Pewter

The Climbing Goat Roastery is a specialized coffee shop based in Dubai. We are proud to have participated in the development of this label for the limited edition Cup Of Excellence.

Applic’Etains, with its experience and know-how, has been able to give a unique and original look to this packaging with a golden label and a patina effect that highlights the embossing and depths.

pewter label the climbing goat
The climbing goat pewter label


Steel River metallic labels with colour screen printing

Brand: Steel River Gin
Domain: Labels for wines and spirits
Label type: Patinated embossing
Colour: Different colours
Material : Pewter

The Steel River House, based in Teesside, North East England, is the producer of the region’s best-selling and most popular brand of gin: Steel River Gin, with amazing taste, innovative looks and eye-catching design.

We are proud to have produced a range of top-of-the-range pewter labels with different base colours and patina effects according to the theme of the drink.

steel river pewter label
luxury label steel river gin


Tequila Patron super-premium label

Brand: Tequila Patron
Domain: Labels for wines and spirits
Label type: Reliefs and ornaments with patina effect
Colour: Silver / Colour screen printing
Material : Pewter

Tequila Patrón is one of the most recognized and respected luxury spirits brands in the world. It is still produced exclusively in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, in the same small batches and with the same commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

We are very proud to have been selected to decorate one of the world’s finest bottles of handcrafted Tequila.

Thanks to an excellent partnership with teams from Cosfibel Premium, we produced a pewter label with fine embossed ornaments inspired by Mexican baroque architecture.

This edition reflects our vast experience in the art of metal embossing, combined with the printed colours!

pewter label tequila patron
tin label luxury tequila patron

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