Custom pewter labels for your luxury products

Pewter label embossing adds an eye-catching dimension to pewter labels and gives them a pleasing tactile appearance. Having a stylish and eye-catching label design is a good thing. Getting a consumer to pick up your product to feel the label is even better.

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Shapes for label sheetsShapes for label rolls


Embossing of adhesive pewter labels

The effect is created using a mould, which gives a look that you may have seen before with the notary’s seal. When the image rises above the surface of the label, it is “raised” or “embossed”. When it lowers below the surface of the label, it is “sunken” or “debossed”. Embossing is often combined with a patina that gives depth to the pewter with a refined finish, giving it a very subtle effect.

Ultra-customized pewter labels

Embossing or highlighting is applied to logos or product names on our pewter labels. Embossing specific areas of your label design elements is an effective way to highlight these areas. In addition, Applic’Etains has developed a technique to use pattern embossing, which consists of applying a texture over the entire surface of a label to simulate different materials.

Combining innovative technology and handcrafted production

We use your label design to create “male” and “female” plates or molds. As with all embossing, a set of interfitting male/female plates or molds is required to create the embossing.

Graphics files must be meticulously designed so that the resulting embossing represents the customer’s vision and can be retained by both the plates or dies and the material of the label to be embossed.

It is essential to understand the limitations of the tools and materials used to create an embossing in order to achieve the best possible results. Our graphic designers have many years of experience in creating embossed labels. We develop each label we produce to take advantage of our technology and provide a product of the highest quality.

Pewter label : the ideal choice for creating an instant point of interest on your product.

At Applic’Etains, we use embossing for multiple industries and markets, including wine, spirits, craft beer, high-end labels for food, health and beauty, personal care and more.

Contact Applic’Etains for a free simulation of your pewter label and see for yourself how you can take advantage of our unique capabilities for your next label project.