Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains general information. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more specific answers.
We manufacture custom-made labels. Please contact us and give us the size, shape, colour, finish or any other specification information regarding your label in order for us to give you a quote.
In order to create your label, we need a vector graphics file (*.ai, *.pdf, *.eps).
100 labels for sheets and 5000 labels for rolls (around 35m2).
Our labels can be affixed by hand or by a labeling machine.
We offer several adhesive options depending on your needs. From lightly to extremely sticky.
Our labels will stick to any medium.
Our average leadtime is 2-3 weeks.
We do make prototypes upon request.
Send us your project, we’ll create a 3D simulation for you.
We use standard colours but we can create custom colours.
Our colours withstand contact with alcohol and perfume.